What is SEO Competitors’ Analysis?

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SEO competitor analysis helps business owners and company executives understand the competitive landscape for their industry. It involves researching the content and other elements, like the keyword a competitor used or the link.

In order to perform a competitor analysis efficiently and collect enough data without putting in a lot of effort, most marketers use an SEO competitor analysis tool. These tools can also be used to generate competitor analysis SEO reports. Among the tools used to analyze SEO competitors are Ahrefs and SEMush.

The SEO competitor analysis may include:  

A list of top competitors and how they stack up against your brand, as determined by Alexa ranking, Facebook likes Google+ followers, and Twitter following.

Detailed information about each competitor’s website, including social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, where applicable. This data will help you identify which sites to focus on targeting with your marketing efforts.

The strategies used by your competitor to achieve their objective

SEO keyword competition analysis

Competitor’s backlink analysis

Why is SEO competitor’s analysis important?

Healthy competition is necessary. Competition drives innovation and stops complacency. However, it’s more fun when you’re the one at the top. Although your website might rank number one for a particular keyword right now, this will not be the case forever. People will always try to outwit you rather than the other way around. Other websites, mostly your competitors, will learn to optimize their content and gain an advantage over yours over time. Therefore, SEO competitive analysis should be a continuous endeavor for any business.

Business owners often ignore competitor analysis, assuming they have done everything possible to optimize their SEO efforts. The reality, however, is that they have not. So, no matter how well you accomplish your goals, you may wonder why analyzing your competition is essential. Here are some reasons:

You can always improve your results to stay ahead of the competition. SEO keyword competition analysis, for instance, can help you learn from your competitors’ tactics and use them in your SEO campaigns.

Identifies weaknesses in your strategy. There is no perfect SEO strategy. By observing what your competitors are doing, you realize any gaps in your strategy and correct them.

Identifies what you do well. The chances are that you are better at some things than your competitors. Identifying them will enable you to do more of them and also widen your reach.

Provides you with new ways to reach your audience. There may be tactics your competitors are using that are entirely new, giving you the chance to improve your results. By doing a competitive analysis, your business will grow. As a result, you’ll be able to identify and adopt new strategies that will help improve your online visibility and increase your bottom line.


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